CDBG Entitlement FAQ

We want to charge activity delivery costs that were previously billed to CDBG administrative costs. Do we need to update our annual Action Plan to show this budget change?

Date Published: May 2015

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Please review your Citizen Participation Plan to determine if any budget changes (program administration vs. activity delivery) require an amendment to your Consolidated Plan / Annual Action Plan and act accordingly. Budgets for activity delivery and program administration cannot be combined in your Annual Action Plan or in IDIS. These activities have different regulatory citations for eligibility and national objectives and must be described separately. These activities also have different IDIS matrix codes. The required time and activity timesheets should be used to provide budget estimates for activity delivery and program administration. If you are just starting to charge staff time to activity delivery, you may have to make a general estimate until you have actual data from the time and activity timesheets. Depending on your actual experience, it may be necessary to amend your budget during the year. 

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