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How do I import last year's data for Registration?

Date Published: May 2018

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To import the FY 2017 Registration:

Select “Projects” in the left menu bar.

Select "CoC Registration and Application FY2017" from the "Funding Opportunity Name" dropdown. The screen refreshes and an "Add" icon appears on the left side of the screen above the column headings.

Select the "Add" icon. The "Create a Project" screen appears.

On the "Create a Project" screen in e-snaps, the CoC Applicant Name will be populated.

In the "Applicant Project Name" field, enter the CoC Number followed by the words "CoC Program Registration 2018."

In the "Import Data From" field, select the CoC Registration 2017. This will ensure that your CoC's FY 2017 CoC Program Registration information is imported and will decrease the amount of information that must be entered for the FY 2018 CoC Program Registration process.

If a Collaborative Applicant does not import the previous year's CoC Registration, it must fully complete the FY 2018 CoC Program Registration. CoCs that do import last year’s data should carefully review the imported information to ensure it is still accurate.

Please see the CoC Program Registration Detailed Instructions and CoC Program Registration Instructional Guide for more information.

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