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How can I see what the requirements are to apply for UFA designation?

Date Published: April 2017

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Collaborative Applicants are invited to review Unified Funding Agency (UFA) designation  questions and criteria to become familiar with the requirements. To do this, Collaborative Applicants should change the "Type of CoC" from "CA" to "UFA" on screen 1. Though questions may change from year to year, applicants can get the general idea of what is being asked.

Once you have finished reviewing the questions, be sure to return to Continuum of Care Organization screen and change the Type of CoC back to "CA" to complete and submit registration without requesting UFA designation.

Collaborative Applicants requesting UFA designation are required to complete the following screens:

  • 3. UFA Capacity - CoC Responsibilities
  • 4. UFA Financial Management
  • 5. UFA Sub-recipients Management
  • 5a. UFA Sub-Recipients List
  • 10. Attachments

Please see the CoC Program Registration Detailed Instructions and CoC Program Registration Instructional Guide for more information.

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