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After I have accessed the CoC Program Registration, what do I do if I'm missing items that should be listed in the left menu bar?

Date Published: April 2017

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The information you will see on the left menu bar will depend upon whether the Collaborative Applicant selected “CA” or “UFA” in the “Type of CoC” field on Screen 1. “Continuum of Care Organization” and whether the CoC is requesting HPC Status.

Collaborative Applicants that are requesting High Performing Community (HPC) and/or Unified Funding Agency (UFA) designations will have access to the additional screens that must be completed in full. Collaborative Applicants that are not applying for HPC and/or UFA designation will not see the HPC or UFA screens.

If you believe you should be seeing the screens for UFA designation or HPC status, please first check your answers to these questions. If you have selected “UFA” or “yes” to HPC status on Screen 1. “Continuum of Care Organization” and are not seeing the appropriate screens on your left menu bar, submit a question to the HUD Exchange Ask A Question.

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