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How do Collaborative Applicants apply for HPC designation?

Date Published: May 2018

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A Collaborative Applicant may apply for High Performing Community (HPC) designation by completing the HPC forms in e-snaps and supplying the required information. Collaborative Applicants requesting HPC designation on behalf of the CoC will be required to provide the following information that will be reviewed by HUD on a pass/fail standard:

  • CoC Program Expenditures,
  • Plan for FY 2018 CoC Program Funds,
  • Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Coverage,
  • Mean Length of Homelessness,
  • Reduced Returns to Homelessness, and
  • Community Action.

Collaborative Applicants must also attach their CoC’s FY 2017 final HUD-approved Grant Inventory Worksheet (GIW), methodology for determining the Average or Mean Length Homeless, and the CoC’s Street Outreach Plan.

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