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How do I apply to receive UFA designation?

Date Published: July 2019

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Collaborative Applicants may apply for Unified Funding Agency (UFA) designation during the CoC Program Registration process by selecting "UFA" on the first form in e-snaps (screen 1 "Continuum of Care Organization") and completing additional forms that pertain specifically to UFA designation requests and attaching all required information as detailed in the Notice CPD-18-05: Unified Funding Agency (UFA) and on the Attachments form.

HUD will review UFA designation requests based on the criteria established in Notice CPD-18-05: Unified Funding Agency (UFA) and Collaborative Applicants can review HUD's determination during the CoC Review process. A Collaborative Applicant designated as a UFA for the current FY CoC program Registration process must apply for UFA designation again in the next FY CoC Program Registration process if it intends to continue the UFA designation.

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