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What happens after I submit the CoC Program Registration no later than 5:00 PM EDT on May 14, 2018? Am I finished with the registration process?

Date Published: May 2018

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No. After the Collaborative Applicant submits the CoC Program Registration, the next steps include:

  • HUD receives notification that the CoC Program Registration Review is ready for HUD review.
  • HUD staff reviews and assesses the information and attachments submitted by Collaborative Applicants, including requests for Unified Funding Agency (UFA) and/or High Performing Community (HPC) designations. Note that only those Collaborative Applicants requesting UFA and/or HPC designation are required to include attachments.
  • HUD will issue a listserv message to its mailing lists notifying Collaborative Applicants when they should log into e-snaps to review HUD’s determinations provided in the CoC Registration Review.
  • The Collaborative Applicant reviews and agrees with or disputes HUD’s determinations regarding the CoC type and geographic area.

Please see the CoC Program Registration Detailed Instructions and CoC Program Registration Instructional Guide for more information.

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