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What is the CoC Program Registration process and how do I register my CoC?

Date Published: January 2020

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The CoC Program Registration process allows Collaborative Applicants, on behalf of their CoCs, to inform HUD about the geographic areas they represent and whether their CoC will apply for Unified Funding Agency (UFA) designation or High Performing Community (HPC) status. See Notice CPD-18-03: Continuum of Care Program Registration for information regarding the annual CoC Program Registration process.

Accessing e-snaps. All e-snaps users require usernames and passwords in order to log in to the online e-snaps system. To see an organization's Applicant Profile, CoC Registration, etc., the e-snaps user must be associated as a "registrant" with the organization's e-snaps account.

CoC Applicant Profile. The Collaborative Applicant must review the Applicant Profile, update the information as necessary, and select the "Complete" button to proceed with the CoC Registration process. Detailed instructions are provided in the CoC Applicant Profile instructional guide on the e-snaps: CoC Program Applications and Grants Management System.

CoC Registration. After accessing the application FY CoC Program Registration, Collaborative Applicants must complete a series of screens to provide information about the CoC. Once the Collaborative Applicant has provided all required information, the Collaborative Applicant then submits the CoC Registration no later than the first Thursday in March of each year by 5:00 PM EDT.

CoC Review. After the CoC Registrations are submitted, HUD reviews the registrations from all CoCs and then sends a listserv message announcing when Collaborative Applicants can log in to e-snaps to access the CoC Review on the "Submissions" screen. The listserv message will be sent via the HUD Exchange Mailing List for the CoC Program.

At that point, the Collaborative Applicant must review HUD’s determination of its registration and, if requested, UFA and/or HPC designation. Collaborative Applicants that agree with and submit the CoC Review will then be finished with the CoC Registration.

Collaborative Applicants that disagree with HUD’s determinations and submit the CoC Review will have the CoC Registration undergo a second and final review by HUD. After HUD conducts the second review, the determination is final and Collaborative Applicant must agree and submit the CoC Review if it wants access to that year’s CoC Consolidated Application.

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