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What is the Collaborative Applicant responsible for during CoC Program Registration?

Date Published: January 2020

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Collaborative Applicants for CoCs that have changes from the previous year’s FY CoC Program Competition (e.g., change in Collaborative Applicant, CoCs merged, change in geographic codes) should complete the registration forms to gain access to the current year’s Consolidated Application when the CoC Program Competition opens that includes the CoC Application, the CoC Priority Listing, and project applications that have been accepted and ranked or rejected. If a CoC has no changes from the previous year's CoC Program Competition and the Collaborative Applicant chooses not to complete the registration forms, HUD will move the previous year's CoC Program Registration information forward with no changes (see Section I of the CoC Program Registration Notice).

During this process, Collaborative Applicants may also apply for Unified Funding Agency (UFA) and High Performing Communities (HPC) designation. Collaborative Applicants can only request UFA and HPC designation during the CoC Program Registration period.

Additionally, Collaborative Applicants will receive notification of HUD determination of their claimed geographic area, UFA status (where applicable), and HPC status (where applicable) during the CoC Review period of CoC Program Registration and must submit the CoC Review forms back to HUD in e-snaps.

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