What are the Direct and Area Benefit, Tenure and Single Family/Multifamily options for Beneficiary Measures in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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In addition to designating a National Objective, grantees must also select a Benefit Type (Direct Benefit or Area Benefit) for activities in DRGR.

Direct and Area benefit options will impact the type of beneficiary data Grantees report on for their activities. DRGR users will be able to identify whether Activities will have a direct benefit, or area benefit. In addition, for Direct Benefit Activities, Grantees will identify and select whether Activities will consist of Renter and/or Owner households and Single Family (SF) or Multifamily (MF) housing units.  

Typically, the Action Plan module at the Activity level is the location for entering in proposed measures – for both beneficiary data and accomplishments – and the QPR module at the Activity Level is the location to enter in actual data once an end use is met.

  • For Area Benefit, the user will not need to report income level or household accomplishment data in the QPR. The system will assume that since the Activity is being carried out, the persons in the service area are receiving a benefit. In other words, the system automatically sets the actual numbers to equal the proposed accomplishments from the Action Plan.
  • For Direct Benefit, the user will enter in the proposed indicators for households by income level, single-family and multi-family, and tenure (renter vs. owner) in the Action Plan and then report on the accomplishments in the QPR. In the QPR, grantees will collect additional information based on the actual beneficiaries, including female-headed households, race, and ethnicity.

Below is the DRGR workflow for Beneficiary Measures in DRGR.

View the DRGR workflow for Beneficiary Measures.

The Activity Type selected on Page 2 of the Add/Edit Activity page directly ties to the Benefit Types a Grantee selects and proposed measures a Grantee may choose from.

The following page shows summaries of Activity Types and associated Beneficiary Measures that apply to both CDBG-DR and NSP appropriations.

View the CDBG-DR Summary.

View the NSP Summary.

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