What information on Monitoring, Audit, and TA events from screens in the Admin module show in the QPR? / Who can see information entered in the Monitoring, Audit, and TA screens?

Date Published: February 2015

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Most of the detailed information on monitoring, audits, and technical assistance can be viewed by Grantee and HUD DRGR users, but is not viewable by the general public. Since information in the QPR may be exported and posted for viewing by the public, only summary information on the number of visits and/or reports is displayed in the View QPR screen or downloaded QPRs. If a Grantee has not entered any Monitoring/Audit/Technical Assistance information in the Admin Module, this section will not appear in a QPR.

Microstrategy reports summarizing events and findings are available for HUD and Grantee users. In general, these will be organized by event type, organization, and/or compliance categories.

See the "View QPR" screen that displays summary information on the number of visits and/or reports

Tags: DRGR Administration - Monitoring/Audit/TA Screens