What information should be added in the supporting documents section of the Edit Activity – Page 2 screen on the Action Plan?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantees have the option of attaching images, MS Word documents, MS Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs to the Action Plan (and QPR) they feel might be useful for HUD to explain the nature of programs covered by an activity or particular compliance issues. This could include tables, charts, or maps showing the expected impact of the program or geographic area affected. This information is not required, but it may help to post this information in DRGR to organize supporting documents or for ease of communication with HUD staff. It is important to note that only HUD staff in the field office and HQ and staff from the individual grantee will be able to view these documents (with the exception of image files – see below).

View acceptable supporting document types.

As of DRGR Release 7.10, if the supporting documents are image files (jpeg, bmp, and, png file types) the system will “embed” the images. The embedded images will appear in the View screens and in downloads of the Action Plan or QPR. The images will appear at the end of the Activity section, as shown below.

View the images in the Activity section.

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