How do I add a Finding to a Monitoring Event in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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A “Finding” is an instance of noncompliance with a program requirement.

To add a Finding, select “Add Finding” from the 1st level “Add/Edit Monitoring/Audit/TA” screens in the Admin module. After the “Add Finding” button has been selected, a new screen will be started (shown below) for users to identify program requirements and Activities associated with the Finding, add an identification and title, a narrative description and corrective action information.

View the "Add/Edit Finding" screen that appears after you select the "Add Finding" button.

Records for Monitoring Findings may be entered after a Finding is issued in a monitoring report. Information is not usually entered into the “Follow Up” narrative field until after a response to a monitoring letter has been received and it may be updated as additional follow up is undertaken or corrective actions are completed.

Tags: DRGR Administration - Monitoring/Audit/TA Screens