How do I change a project budget or activity budget amount in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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To move money across projects and activities, activity budgets should be reduced first, followed by project budgets. Then, the project receiving additional money should have its budget inflated, followed by the activity budgets underneath it. If you need to split one activity into multiple activities, it’s recommended you write over the original activity's information with the activity that has the largest number of draws attached to it. This way, you will have fewer vouchers to revise. Grantees may also temporarily utilize the Estimated PI/RLF feature in the Action Plan to give themselves budgeting wiggle room until all changes are corrected and the Estimated PI/RLF is returned to the correct amount before Action Plan submittal to HUD for review.

Editing Project Budgets

Project budgets are edited in the Action Plan Module. There are two ways to edit Project budgets.

  1. Click on the Action Plan module on the main navigation bar at the top of the page. On the left hand toolbar, click "Search/Edit Projects." Once you locate the Project budget that needs editing, click Edit on the right. Once the new screen loads, modify the budget and click Save.” OR
  2. When moving an activity to a new project, if you to adjust the Project budget when the Activity is moved, without going to the project screen, they may select "Yes" under the next line, Adjust Project Budget. This action will reduce the project budget where the Activity is currently assigned, by the activity budget amount and then increase the project budget where the activity is moved to by the same amount.

Editing Activity Budgets

Activities are edited in the Action Plan module. Click "View All Action Plans" to select the correct activity. To edit an activity, you'll first need to click on the arrow to the left of Project #, which opens the projects to show the activities associated with them, and then click on the Activity Number. You'll then change the amount in the "Total Budget" box. Note that the budget does not distinguish between program funds and program income.

Note: you may have to decrease your obligation amount first, since you cannot decrease your activity budget amount beyond the amount already obligated. A user with draw rights can make changes to obligation amounts under the Drawdown module. The obligation amount cannot be decreased below the amount already drawn down on that particular activity. Cumulative financial reports under the reports module, in addition to the obligation screens, will allow users to see what they've drawn and obligated on a particular activity, both from program funds and from program income funds. You may need to revise vouchers in order to decrease your obligation amount.

If increasing an activity budget, you may have to increase the project budget first. You may have to reduce other activity or project budgets as well to make more money available. If you want to move an activity to another project entirely, you will want to go through a different process - see additional FAQs for more information.

View how to edit Activity Budgets.

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