Can an Activity be moved from one Project to another?

Date Published: February 2015

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Yes. Under Edit Activity, the system will provide this option to you. In the screenshot below, the Select Project button is highlighted. To move the Activity from the current Project to another Project, it is a simple process of clicking the "Adjust Project Budget" button and searching for the project where you want to move the activity.

Grantees are advised to be careful when using this feature. If the budgets of both the current Project and the Project where the Activity will move to are already at their desired amounts, then a grantee should leave the "Adjust Project Budget" default setting at "No."

If, when moving this activity to a new project, the grantee wants to adjust the Project budget when the Activity is moved, without going to the project screen, they may select "Yesunder the next line, Adjust Project Budget. This action will reduce the project budget where the Activity is currently assigned, by the activity budget amount and then increase the project budget where the activity is moved to by the same amount.

If you don’t adjust the budget, the system may give you an error when there is not enough budget available in the destination project. Additionally, you will have to adjust the two project budgets yourself in the Edit Project screen.

View the Select Project button on the Edit Activity page.

Tags: DRGR Action Plan - Adding/Editing Activities