How do I delete an activity in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantees can only delete Activities in limited circumstances. First, grantees may only delete Activities that have a zero budget. Activities with obligations and any approved draws cannot be deleted even if Vouchers have been revised to other activities. These activities may have the status changed to "Cancelled" but cannot be deleted. If the Activity has an obligation it must be reduced to zero before Activity budgets can be set to zero.

To delete activities that have zero budgets, the grantee will go to View Action Plan in the Action Plan module. The Delete option will be available to the grantee as long as the Activities have a zero budget.

Grantees may also repurpose activities they otherwise wish to delete if they chose. In other words, instead of creating a new activity, a grantee can use the activity they wish to delete as the starting point for an entirely new activity.

View the Activity Budget delete link.

Tags: DRGR Action Plan - Adding/Editing Activities