What are the Program Requirements options in the Monitoring, Audit, and TA Screens?

Date Published: February 2015

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At the 1st Level (Event), a Grantee must choose from a drop down menu of Program Requirement categories. These are categories that a grantee may choose to demonstrate the type of requirement reviewed during that Event. These categories are unique to each appropriation. So if, for example, a grantee reviewed a subgrantee’s compliance with the Davis Bacon Act, the grantee would select the “LABOR” Program Requirement in DRGR. Grantees can select multiple Performance Requirements by holding down "CTRL" on their keyboard.

At the 2nd Level (Finding, Concern and/or Topic), only categories selected at the 1st Level will show as options when users are selecting findings, concerns, and audit or TA topics.

These categories are based on CPD monitoring handbook exhibits.

View an example of the Program Requirement options

Tags: DRGR Administration - Monitoring/Audit/TA Screens