How can I get reports to run automatically? How do I subscribe to a report?

Date Published: February 2015

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Subscribing to a report will allow you to get a copy of it updated at regular intervals (e.g.; every Monday, every 25th of the month). The report will not be e-mailed to you, but will instead be delivered to you within Microstrategy where you can retrieve them in your History List. There is a 90 day time limit for reports saved on the DRGR server therefore, you should access and export saved reports regularly.

Users have three ways to generate reports automatically at scheduled intervals:

  1. Users can select Subscriptions at the reports list prior to running the report, or
  2. Use the Home menu to select Subscribe to, then History List, or
  3. Use the Subscribe icon in the reports toolbar

All three options are depicted: select Subscriptions, use the "Home" menu to select "Subscribe to" then "History List," or use the Subscribe icon.  

The Subscribe action will generate a pop-up window that lets you identify the schedule for the report production.

The pop-up window lets users specify a name, Schedule and includes Advanced Options for overwriting previous versions of the report or specifying an end date for the delivery.

View the Subscribe to History List pop-up window.

A list of user History List Subscriptions is shown in the My Subscriptions on the Microstrategy home screen.

View My Subscriptions Folder

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