Can I access MS Excel or PDF Versions of Reports without opening/generating the reports in Microstrategy?

Date Published: February 2015

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Yes, users can export without running a report. When you find a report you would like to export into MS Excel to do further analysis or as a PDF to share or publish, hover the mouse over the report and select either Export or PDF.

View the Export or PDF Function.

Selecting Export will allow users to save in an MS Excel format. The system will prompt you to choose the MS Excel export version. If you save it as "Excel with formatting" it will look and feel like the report displayed in Microstrategy with merged cells.  As such, your ability to manipulate the data will be limited once it is in this formatted Excel version. However, users may find this version appropriate for presentation, printing and so on. If you save it as "Excel with plain text," the file will repeat values in the merged cells so the data can be manipulated, but you will lose all formatting. For both types of MS Excel reports, you will have to set print areas and page layout settings in Excel for printing purposes.

Note: users can select the "Do not prompt me again" checkbox to save the settings entered and to utilize the settings each time a report is exported.

View the "Do not prompt me again" checkbox.

If users select a PDF version of the report, the system will let you set the page layout settings (and use the "Do not prompt me again" checkbox to save and use settings for future PDF downloads). However, you will not be able to modify the look and feel of the report further or re-sort the order of the data displayed. 

View the PDF Download Options.

Once users run a report in Microstrategy, reports can still be Exported or downloaded as a PDF using the toolbar icons.

View the Microstrategy Report Export toolbar icons.


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