Why are grants missing when I log into my DRGR account? / How does a Grantee Administrator assign users to a grant?

Date Published: February 2015

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If you are not a DRGR Grantee Administrator, then you must be assigned to the grant and certified after your account has been created by HUD HQ staff. Grantee Administrators use the Admin module from the main navigation bar to assign or remove users that have access to each grant, as shown below.

Use the Admin module to assign and remove users.

Until this step has been completed by Grantee Administrator, non-admin Grantee users will not be able to see or work with Action Plans and Quarterly Performance Reports. 

If this is a new grant, only the Grantee Administrator will see the grant until s/he “confirms” the grant. Once that has occurred, all Grantee users that have been assigned to this grant and have valid certification will be able to see the grant.

DRGR can provide helpful reports (via the Reports module) to determine the account status of DRGR users, including:

  • Admin Rept04a: USERS - Grantee DRGR Users Account Status
  • Admin Rept04b: USERS - Grantee DRGR Users with System Role and Certification Status
  • Admin Rept04c: USERS - Grantee DRGR Users Access by Grant

If your grantee administrator cannot see your account to assign it to a grant, or cannot see a new grant, please have them contact DRGR_Help@hud.gov to make sure that the new grants and Grantee profiles have been set up correctly.

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