How can I display groups of related numeric data in separate columns instead of rows?

Date Published: February 2015

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Data in rows can be moved to columns to group data for purposes of analysis or to organize data in different ways. This is typically more useful when moving data that only includes a few categories rather than lots of categories.

Below is an example using Measure Type data.

The screen below shows the generated Perf Rept01 report Measure Type data highlighted. 

View the Perf Rept01 report.

To move the Measure Type data to Columns, users can use the right mouse button to select Move and then To Columns (shown below) or use alternatively, can use the left mouse button to drag the item to above the data columns.

View how to move columns.

Once the Move is complete, each Measure Type will now show as a new column, with data for the Activities grouped accordingly.

View the completed column move.

Tags: DRGR Reports - Modifying Reports