Who should I contact if DRGR tells me I cannot log in because I need to be certified? / How are HUD and grantee users certified/recertified in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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To meet security requirements of the Inspector General, HUD and Grantee users must be certified/recertified in DRGR by higher-level users every 6 months. These certifications are performed in the Admin module. The chart below shows the actions performed (blue) and hierarchy of users (grey) responsible for completing each action.

View the Hierarchy of User Certification chart.

HUD Headquarters is responsible for certifying and recertifying all HUD CPD field managers every six months. HUD CPD field managers can then certify all other HUD DRGR users for their field office in DRGR, including the CPD Representatives responsible for each grant.

View the "Certify HUD Field Office Users" screen

Grantee Administrator accounts must be certified in DRGR by the HUD contact listed in DRGR reports module: Admin Rept01a: GRANT - DRGR Grant Status and CPD Contact. This is typically their CPD Representative. Regular Grantee users must be certified by Grantee Administrators. A list identifying the Grantee Administrators and regular Grantee users is available in the DRGR reports under Admin Rept04b: USERS - Grantee DRGR Users with System Role and Certification Status

View the list of Grantee Administrators and Grantee users under "Admin Rept04b: USERS - Grantee DRGR Users with System Role and Certification Status."

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