How do you decide which activity type to choose on the Edit Activity - Page 1 screen?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantees should choose the Activity Type that comes closest to describing what they are doing and best represents the End Use. To simplify reporting, it is often more advantageous to consolidate multiple phase of an activity. For example if an activity involves acquisition of a property, demolition and then new construction of housing, these phases should be consolidated into one Activity. The best representation of the end use in this example will likely be Construction of New Housing.

Activity type dictates which performance measures will show up for grantees to report on in the 2nd page of their Add/Edit Activity screens and in their QPRs.

If you have additional questions or for further guidance, please contact your HUD Representative. 

View where to select Activity Type.

Tags: DRGR Action Plan - Adding/Editing Activities