How can I show only the data for certain groups of records like a grant or grantee in a DRGR report? How do I create a filter for a report?

Date Published: February 2015

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Page-By filtering allows users to filter a report after the report is generated in the Microstrategy reports module.

The Page-By listing takes priority from left to right. The left-most Page-By filter will be applied first, then move to the right for the next command.

View the Page-By Filter.

The drop-down menus on the Page-By axis allow users to select specific criteria to filter the report to make it easier to view and find certain items.

Users can add items to the Page-By filter by right clicking and using the Move and then To Page-by Axis.

Select Move and then select Page-by Axis.

Users can also add items to the Page-By Axis by dragging the objects to the axis. Items can be dragged and placed in any location on the axis based on the filtering priority desired.

Tags: DRGR Reports - Modifying Reports