What do I need to do in DRGR after I wire funds back to LOCCS?

Date Published: February 2015

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In some cases, grantees may need to wire funds back for ineligible activities, interest earned, or funds returned from beneficiaries.  This process may take weeks to complete. Some grantees may choose to offset draws through the Revise Draw process. Grantees should make sure that their CPD representative is consulted on the method they use and that the process is extensively documented in the draw comment fields and/or QPR progress narrative to explain the exact nature of the transactions.

If funds are being returned through wires, the grantee should send wires to: Treasury Dept Code: ABA Number 021030004 Agency Location Code: 86011101. TREAS NYC HUD FTW, TX

View Abbreviated Wire-Transfer Instructions.

Once the returned funds appear in your account in LOCCS, a Collection voucher in DRGR will also appear with a status of: Completed (Needs Revision). However, LOCCS does not provide information on the activity number when the funds are made available in DRGR. A DRGR grantee user with the Create Voucher role must search for the voucher which shows as a Collection transaction type. The amount will show as negative. The user should then use the Maintain link in the Action column to access the Revise Draw screen to assign the funds to the correct DRGR activity number. As with other voucher revisions, the voucher revision will also require a grantee draw approval by an authorized user.

View Collection Voucher.

Once the voucher revision is completed, the amount drawn for that activity will be reduced and the available balance will increase.

Drawdown users can classify Collection Voucher Items in error by selecting the “Classify Collection” button on the Maintain Voucher page.

View How to Classify Collection Voucher Items.

In addition, View Voucher Line Item pages and Search Voucher pages will include an alert message that identifies that the Collection has been applied to the grant line of credit in error (see next page).

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