How do I translate the programs listed in my Published Action Plan into DRGR activities? When should I aggregate or split activities in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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At a minimum, Activities should be established individually in DRGR based on the following differentiating factors:

  1. Responsible Organization: The entity (subrecipient / unit of local government) most directly responsible for the administration of the Activity is the Responsible Organization. Different Responsible Organizations should be established under different Activity Types. For example if residential rehabilitation activities are being carried out by the City of A and the City of B, these cannot be grouped under one Activity.
  2. DRGR Activity Type: Different Activity Types should be established as different Activities. For example, if City A is carrying out both demolition and residential rehabilitation activities, these should be set-up as different Activities.
  3. National Objective: Each National Objective (even for the same Activity Type) must be broken out as separate Activities. Below are a few examples:
    • Direct benefit housing activities should list activities separately if they meet more than one National Objective. For example, if a grantee is carrying out a housing rehabilitation program, they will need create two activities for the same program if they are serving both:
      • CDBG-DR: below 80% AMI (Low-Mod) households and above 80% AMI (Urgent Need) households, or
      • NSP: LH25 (0% - 50%) households and LMMI (51% - 120%) households.
    • Area benefit activities such as infrastructure and public services must be listed separately if they serve different service areas/beneficiary areas so we can examine the activity benefit test for Low-Mod activities.
  4. Each multifamily housing complex must be listed separately for purposes of evaluating the activity benefit test for Low-Mod activities. An activity should be at the level of detail to meet a national objective. Activities must be listed separately any time the grantee needs to track the type of activity or beneficiary group.

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