How is the information in the Monitoring, Audit and TA screens organized?

Date Published: February 2015

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Monitoring, Audit and TA screens are accessed via the Admin module, and by selecting Add/Edit Monitoring/Audit/TAfrom the left navigation menu.

The Monitoring/Audit/TA screens include two levels of data for reporting on Grantee oversight efforts:

  • Events/Reports
  • Findings/Concerns/TA Topics

At the first level, Grantees enter the start and end dates of monitoring, audits and/or TA visits, associate the Event with a grant, as well enter dates of reports. Grantees can also identify the major categories of topics covered in reviews or assistance. In monitoring and audits events, findings and/or concerns may be reported as resolved or left open. There are four different types of events to report on:

  • Monitoring is the formal review for compliance of subrecipients and other partner organizations.
  • Audits are the formal review of financial management systems for subrecipients.
  • Technical Assistance is training and assistance provided to subrecipients and other partner organizations to ensure compliance with all of the applicable federal regulations.
  • Monitoring/Technical Assistance is a combination of the two activities.

For the second level, grantees should select Activities, identify any findings and concerns made, as well as their status and corrective actions. Based on the type of Event chosen, a Grantee may enter a Finding, Concern, and/or Topic. For technical assistance, Grantees can identify the basic categories of topics covered. The graphic below shows the actions associated with each type of Event.

View the Monitoring/Audit/TA Screens Flow Chart.

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