How can I modify DRGR reports in Microstrategy?

Date Published: February 2015

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Report modifications can be completed in multiple ways with Microstrategy:

  • Use the toolbar/ribbon
  • Drag objects
  • Right click over the object for different options

Toolbar/Ribbon Functions

With Microstrategy Version 9, there is a new look and functionality for reports, including five tabs at the top of the report screen:

  • Home
  • Tools
  • Data
  • Grid
  • Format

Each tab has icons in the toolbar (or ribbon). Several icons repeat for each tab, while most are unique to each tab.

View the Icons/Toolbar functions.

The Home, Tools, Data and Format tabs also have drop-down menus that give the same options as the icons. The Grid tab only provides icons on the toolbar.

View Tabs.

Drag Objects Functions

In addition to using the icons in the toolbar, users can complete some functions by dragging objects. For example, the Page-By function, which filters report display, can be completed by dragging an object to the Page-By ribbon. Below is an example of dragging the Activity Title column to the Page-By ribbon so that all results are filtered by the Activity Title selected.

View the  Drag Object functions.

Right-Click Functions

Finally, report modifications can be completed by right clicking objects. Right clicking will open a menu of modifications available. Below is an example of a right-click over the Activity Type column. Modifications available include sorting, moving the column and filtering data.

View the Right-Click functions.

Users should explore these functions in the Microstrategy reports module to gain familiarity with how to modify reports and what modification are most useful. In addition, more information is available in DRGR Fact Sheet Microstrategy Reports Engine Upgrade, Release 7.9. 

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