What is the purpose of the Monitoring, Audit and TA screens in the Admin module? Who has to enter data in the Monitoring, Audit, and TA screens in the Admin Module?

Date Published: February 2015

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The Admin Module provides screens for Grantee users to report on oversight actions they carry out as part of meeting their responsibilities for day-to-day management of their grant programs. In DRGR, these are called monitoring, audit, and technical assistance (TA) events. These screens are not for HUD staff to report on monitoring activities; they are for Grantees to report on their monitoring activities. The information entered here will be for HUD staff and Grantees use only. At this point, it is optional for a grantee to enter information here for NSP grantees. These screens are required for some Disaster Recovery CDBG grantees.

It is important to remember that this module is not a monitoring system in and of itself. It is only for reporting very basic summary level information about the number of visits and reports related to a Grantee’s oversight of the Activities funded under their grants in the DRGR system. In general, the information requested on visits is limited to the dates of visits and reports as well as very high-level categories of compliance issues reviewed such as national objective, eligible activities, financial management, environmental review, etc.

Any DRGR user can view this information, but relatively little is part of public documents (such as QPRs).

Tags: DRGR Administration - Monitoring/Audit/TA Screens