Why am I not getting automated emails from DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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DRGR is designed to provide automated emails to users that need to take action on documents such as Action Plans, QPRs, and Vouchers. If an Action Plan or QPR has been submitted by a Grantee, the CPD Representative for the grant should receive an automated email from DRGR. Similarly, if a Voucher has been created in DRGR, the system should generate an automated email to Grantee users with Draw Approve rights. However, there are two main issues that may prevent an automated email. The most likely reason a user may not be receiving automated emails is if their email address is listed incorrectly in their DRGR account profile. To check an email address, go to "Utilities" found in the navigation frame on the left-hand side of the screen and select "Profile."

Under "Utilities," select the "Profile" link

Once in profile, check to make sure all information is correct. If the entry is incorrect or needs to be updated, the user should modify the profile, providing an accurate email address. If a change is made, the user should make sure to click "Save User Profile" to save those changes.

Select "Save User Profile" after making any changes to the profile

It is also possible that a user's email security settings are set at a high level and system-generated emails are being screened-out. If this is the case, the user may have to contact the user’s own email administrators to receive assistance.

Note: additional information on email notifications is provided in a separate FAQ and in the “DRGR Fact Sheet: Email Notifications, Release 7.10.”

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