Are there Public reports showing Grant Financial Updates and Expenditure Analyses in the DRGR Reports Module? Is there an easy way to show progress reports for projects and major activity categories on grants?

Date Published: February 2015

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Many of the Standard Reports in Microstrategy show data at the activity and voucher level so HUD staff and grantees can compare grantee records to DRGR records and also conduct a wide variety of analysis. However, it can be difficult to understand the overall impact of different programs funded under grant and track their progress. Many published Action Plans only describe the major types of programs, but QPRs and Standard Reports often show very detailed records at the activity level.

The Microstrategy Reports module also includes Public Reports with customizable bar and line charts to show the status of programs under each grant. These Public Reports can produce very simple graphics with very little work required. As shown below, the Financial Update Dashboards provide tables detailing the amount of funds by grant, project, or activity category that have been disbursed in DRGR. The bar charts below the tables illustrate these disbursements and the amount of funds remaining by each of these groupings. In effect, the bar charts help user see the relative amount of funding across these groupings and how much progress has been made by each individual group.

View the Public Report showing expenditures.

While this report provides a snapshot of progress, the Quarterly Expenditure Analysis reports break these disbursements down across quarters using data from the Quarterly Progress Reports (QPRs). This allows users to examine spending trends by grants, projects, or activity categories across the life of the grants.

View the Quartly Expenditure Analysis Report.

For both types of reports at the Grant level, users can customize the report using checkboxes at the bottom left showing projects and activity categories, depending on which type of public report is being viewed. Checking or unchecking boxes can help DRGR users target reports to specific audiences or change the scale shown on the axis of the report. For the expenditure analysis, users can also choose specific time periods. Users will see a Slider on the right hand side above the legend that can be moved back and forth depending on whether the user wants to customize these legends or whether they are ready to export and print them. Both types of reports can be output as PDFs for email or posting to websites.

In addition to the Public Reports available in the Microstrategy Reports module, as of DRGR Release 7.10, a Public Data Portal is also now available at: https://drgr.hud.gov/public/. The Public Data Portal provides information in a user-friendly format and does not require special access to DRGR.

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