How can an authorized grantee user cancel a voucher line item?

Date Published: February 2015

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If a voucher line item was created in error, you can cancel it. A line item can be cancelled only if it has a status of Open (has not been approved), Approved, Approved Pending HQ, or Approved by HQ.

Only a grantee with Request Drawdown privileges can cancel a voucher line item. The user cancelling the voucher line item does not have to be the same user as the one who created it.

To cancel a voucher line item, search for the Voucher and click the Maintain link and by using the Cancel link next to each Voucher line item, as desired.

View Maintain Link.

View Cancel Link.

After a voucher line item has been cancelled, the Maintain Voucher page is redisplayed. A message confirming the cancellation appears at the top of the page and the status of the line item is now Cancelled.

The line item will still appear on the voucher; however, its status will be Cancelled and no further actions can be performed on the line item.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Additional Voucher Functions