How can an authorized grantee user approve or reject a voucher line item?

Date Published: February 2015

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After a voucher is created by a user with the Create Voucher role, the voucher line items must be reviewed and approved by a grantee with the Approve Drawdown role. Approval is completed on a line-item basis rather than a voucher basis; each line item must be individually approved or rejected (or all line items can be approved or rejected simultaneously).

If a line item is approved, it is either sent to LOCCS for processing in a batch file on the specified submission date, or, if the grant drawdown threshold has been reached, it is sent to HUD Headquarters for approval before it can be submitted to LOCCS. The status of the line item becomes Approved Pending (when sent to LOCCS), or Approved Pending HQ (if sent to HUD).

If a line item is rejected, it will remain on the voucher; however, its status will be Rejected and no further actions can be performed on the line item.

Any voucher line item still waiting for approval 90 days after the creation date will be cancelled automatically by DRGR.

To approve or reject a voucher line item search for the Voucher and click the Maintain link:

View Maintain Link to Approve or Reject a Voucher Line Item.

The “Maintain Voucher” page will display allowing options to View, Approve, or Reject Voucher line items or Approve all Voucher line items at one.

View Maintain Voucher Screen.

It may be necessary to change the submission date for the voucher line item:

  • The submission date specifies when you would like the voucher to be submitted to LOCCS.
  • You can manually enter a date, or select a date using the pop-up calendar.
  • The date must be greater than or equal to today's date.
  • The date cannot be more than 90 days after the voucher creation date.

In addition, comments may be entered in the Grantee Approver Comments box (optional).

The Approve or Reject link in the Action column next to a line item can be used to take action on line items individually, or the Draw Approver may select one or more of the line items and click the Approve Selected or Reject Selected buttons.

The Maintain Voucher page is redisplayed. A message confirming the approval or rejection appears at the top of the page. The status of the line item is updated and the line item appears in the group of line items with the same status. The submission date and comments become read-only.

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