How do I revise a voucher?

Date Published: February 2015

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When revising a voucher line item due to an incorrect draw (Voucher Correction), you can transfer all or a portion of the original drawdown amount to a different activity. However, a line item can be revised only in two situations:

  1. The line item has a status of Open (not yet approved).
  2. The line item has a status of Completed status (paid by Treasury). (One exception: If the line item has a transaction type of Collection; it cannot be revised).

In both situations, the following conditions also apply:

  • Both activities must be part of the same grant.
  • The new activity must have enough money obligated to allow the drawdown.
  • The activity to which the drawdown is being shifted must not be a cancelled activity.
  • Neither activity is blocked.

Only a grantee with the Create Drawdown role can revise a voucher line item. The user revising the voucher line item does not have to be the same user as the one who created it.

Revise a Voucher Line Item

Revising a voucher line item causes new line items to be created for that voucher:

  • If all of the money is moved to a different activity, DRGR creates one new voucher line item. This new line item is for the activity to which the drawdown funds are being transferred. The status of the new line item will be Revised Pending Approval.
  • If only part of the money is moved to a different activity, DRGR creates two new voucher line items. One of the new line items is for the activity receiving the transferred drawdown. The second line item created is a new version of the original voucher line item. The status of both new line items will be Revised Pending Approval.

Users can now categorize revisions as collections and recaptures when assigning funds to new activities or they can identify a change made due to billing errors. Users also have comment fields to further explain the exact nature of the revisions and document the calculations of the amounts.

Voucher Line Item Revision Details

The original line item remains on the voucher but its status is changed to Revised. It can no longer be worked with unless the new voucher line items are not approved.

Completed Voucher Revisions are shown with a reference to the line item number where the revision originated from. The screenshot below shows this new feature (Revised from Voucher Line Item #"), which is also shown in the View and PDF versions of the Voucher Line Items.

Revised from Voucher Line Item #

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