When should I revise a voucher instead of returning funds to the U.S. Treasury?

Date Published: February 2015

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Revising a voucher line item is necessary when a disbursement needs to be moved from one activity to another. There are a number of reasons why you may need to revise a voucher line item:

  • The Activity selected when creating the voucher is incorrect.
  • Excessive Draw: You drew too many dollars for one activity when you created the voucher and now need to move a portion of the dollars to another activity within the same program and of the same fund type.
  • Funds for a draw were issued incorrectly and the recipient returned the funds to the U.S. Treasury. When funds are returned to the U.S. Treasury, DRGR does not process them against an activity. Instead, the credit must be revised against the activity that drew the funds.

Grantees have two general options to deal with these situations depending on the cause needing the revision.

Option A: Revise original voucher in DRGR and offset next draw.

Option B: Wire funds back to LOCCS/Treasury.

If there is a pending draw that needs to be created, many grantees find it much quicker to choose Option A (offset the pending draw). However, grantees would need to ensure that they make notes in DRGR in voucher comment fields and QPR progress narratives to clearly show how the amounts were calculated so that amount of draws in DRGR can clearly be tracked to the grantee’s supporting financial records. It’s also recommended that grantees speak with their CPD Representative to ensure a voucher revision is the appropriate course of action.

Option B is used sparingly, but may be used when the grantee returns funds because of audits or monitoring findings or to return interest earned.  Grantees should contact their CPD Representative prior to completing this action. One difficulty with B is that funds wired back to LOCCS will not automatically be assigned to the correct activity so grantee users much search for a voucher that has a Collection transaction type.

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