How do I upload information to add or edit Projects?

Date Published: February 2015

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Data can be uploaded to add or edit Projects via the Upload Project link on the left-side menu in the Action Plan module.

View the Upload Projects Link.

This link will bring users to the data upload page shown below. Users must select the Upload Type, and then Browse and Upload a CSV file. Users can use the “click here” link to be directed to CSV templates, which will help users understand correct upload formatting. Upload templates are also located on the HUD Exchange DRGR Data Upload Templates page.

View the Data Upload page.

Clicking the Supporting Info button will allow users to generate and export a Microstrategy report showing data that has already been entered in the system for each Upload Type.

After clicking “Upload” a new screen loads showing the status of the upload. The upload will be reported as successful, or with errors. Uploads with errors will not update the Projects. By clicking “Download Upload Details”, a new excel file will download showing each line of data and the associated error messages, if any.

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