How do HUD reviewers of Action Plans access and utilize Action Plan review checklists?

Date Published: February 2015

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HUD Reviewers access the Action Plan Review Checklists from the “Review Action Plan” page.  The system allows the reviewers to provide checklists/comments to every user submission.

View the Review Checklist button.

On selection of the “Review Checklist” button the Review Checklist page is displayed where the user can enter the checklist, provide comments and upload documents.

View the Review Checklist screen.

NOTE: If the “Edit” link is greyed out then saving and reloading the page will enable the link. In addition, if there are no checklists loaded in the system, HUD reviewers can still use the Review Comments narrative field and upload supporting documents.

On selecting the “Edit” link the user is displayed the “Review Checklist” page where the user can fill in the checklist (see next page). 

View the Review Checklist page in which you can fill in the information.

All DRGR users (except public users) can view the Action Plan Review Checklist by using the “View Review Checklist History” link in the View Action Plan screen.

View Review Checklist History.

The Review/View Action Plan page displays the Review Checklist History link as shown below. The system tracks Review Checklists for each status of the review checklist (not the Action Plan) as Active (In Progress), Approved or Rejected. 

View the Review Checklist History link.

On selection of the “In Progress” or the Date when the review was closed the system displays the checklist along with user entered data.

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