Where is SAM information for Responsible Entities entered in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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In addition to entering DUNS numbers for Responsible Organizations, with DRGR Release 7.9, Grantees can also validate SAM registration.

This validation is accomplished in the Add/Edit Responsible Organization screens in the Action Plan module.

View the Add/Edit Responsible Organization screen.

Using the Lookup button, the system displays the System for Award search page to search for an entity in SAM based on name, DUNS number or CAGE code. The system returns top ten matching criteria based on the search criteria.  Please make the search criteria well defined when searching for the name.

The screenshot on the following page shows an example of search results.

View an example of search results.

Once an entity is selected, the system displays SAM entity on the Add/Edit Responsible organization pages (see below). The View Details button displays the additional information in SAM for the Responsible Org.

See the additonal information the View Details button displays.

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