Which organization should be listed as the Responsible Organization in DRGR projects and activities? What is the difference between a Subordinate and Responsible Organization?

Date Published: February 2015

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Whatever party has the most direct responsibility for administering and carrying out an activity should be listed as the Responsible Organization. For example, if American County makes a sub-award from its NSP grant to Local Non-Profit, Local Non-Profit should be listed as the responsible organization. The organization listed at the activity level should be the one with direct responsibility for it (which may be shown under a contract or agreement). If it is a parent state-level organization, it may be more efficient to add a Responsible Organization at the Project level (optional).

Subordinate Organizations are added as optional information to assist Grantees in tracking budget information and contractor performance under an Activity. Subordinate Organizations are not subrecipients or units of local government. Subrecipients with direct responsibility for the Activity are identified as the Responsible Organization. 

View the Edit Activity - Page 2 screen.

In the screenshot above, you can see the Grantee has the option of specifying more than one organization at the activity level and to propose a budget associated with one or more Subordinate Organization(s). This is used to show budgets and self-reported expenditures for organizations such as contractors, if desired. However only one entity is listed as the “Primary” Responsible Organization.

It is important to note that only budgets and expenditures will be tracked at the Subordinate Organization level in DRGR. Subordinate organization budgets are provided as shown above on Add Activity screens and expenditures for each subordinate organization will be recorded in the QPR. This information is not the same as Obligations and Drawdowns. Obligations and Drawdowns will be aggregated at the activity level; they will not be tracked down to the subordinate organization.

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