How do I add, edit, and search for responsible organizations in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Each activity listed in DRGR must list the organization responsible for administering the Activity. Therefore a Responsible Organization is required at the Activity level (optional at the Project level). If a grantee administers an activity themselves they should identify themselves as the Responsible Organization. If there is a grant/subrecipient agreement that transfers the responsibility for completing the activity and meeting applicable federal requirements, the name of the organization under this agreement should be listed as the Responsible Organization.

Grantees are required to provide the name and DUNS # of the organization, at minimum. In addition, grantees can validate System for Award management (SAM) registration and status for Responsible Organizations (see additional FAQs for more details).

Grantee users can search, edit, and/or add responsible organizations through links in the left navigation bar when they are in the Action Plan module.

Grantee users can add new organizations using the Add link. To edit organizations, users would first use the Search link. They can enter part of the organization name, city, state or even the DUNS #. Once the Search button is used, the results will display in a table below the search button. At that point, the user can either Edit or View the Responsible Organization. If the Responsible Organization is not associated with any DRGR activity, they can also delete it.

The Add and Edit screens have the same basic information. The Responsible Organization information can be manually entered/selected through dropdown lists or as of DRGR Release 7.9, Grantee users can upload Responsible Organization information to the system. See additional FAQs for additional upload information.

View how to add Responsible Organizations.

Note: Users can also associate a Responsible Organization with a DRGR Grantee using the Associated Grantee dropdown menu. This allows all users of the associated grantee to have access to Activities where it is the primary Responsible Organization. See additional user role FAQs for more information.

Once Responsible Organizations have been entered in the system, Grantees also have the option of selecting Responsible Organizations when they add Activities (Page 2 of the Add/Edit Activity screen).

View how to select primary responsible organization.

It is important to note, that once Responsible Organizations have been added to DRGR, they will be available for selection to all Activities. Therefore, Grantees should only add Responsible Organizations one time in the system.

In order to avoid duplicating Responsible Organization entries, and to make sure all Responsible Organization information is complete, Grantees can use the Admin Rept05a – shown below.

View the Responsible Organizations entries screen.

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