How does a Grantee authorize DRGR access to subordinate grantees? Can a Grantee manage subordinate grantee privileges?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantee users can associate a Responsible Organization (RO) to an existing DRGR Grantee using the Add/Edit RO page. This is the first step in allowing users of the associated grantee to have access to activities where it is the primary RO. This function allows Grantee Administrators to extend limited access to users in these subordinate grantees if they so desire.

View the Add/Edit Responsible Organization page

In order to see and authorize grantee users from a subordinate grantee to access information on activities, the primary grantee must first have made the required links using the Add/Edit Responsible Organization page (above) to associate the Responsible Organization with another DRGR grantee. This allows DRGR to access the list of users for the subordinate grantee and also lets DRGR know which activities should be accessible based on the rights assigned by the primary grantee Admin user.

Grantee Admin (primary grantee) users may assign one or more roles to subordinate grantee users: 1) Draw Request (and Revise Draw); 2) Edit AP Activity Profile; and/or 3) Edit QPR activity profile. Subordinate users can see all activities, but can only edit based on the activities assigned to the responsible organization using the Associated Grantee/Grantee dropdown and the rights provided by the Grantee Administrator (primary grantee).

View the Subordinate Grantee User Access screen

Any user can see what subordinate profiles have been established by using the View Subordinate Grantee link in the Admin module.

Select the View Subordinate Grantees link.

Once the new grantee profile is activated, the associated grantee users can log in based on their profile. In the following example, the user has two profiles – primary grantee and a subordinate grantee.

View the subordinate grantee profile on the Profile Selection screen

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