The available amount calculations for program funds or program income appear wrong in a voucher. What do I need to do?

Date Published: February 2015

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  1. Check whether any activity needs to be assigned to a RLF Project or Program Income Account or listed under a different RLF project or Program Income Account. Available amount calculations for program (grant) funds depend on the amount of program income available across activities within each RLF project, Program Income Account, or under the General Account (unassigned Activities).
  2. Check whether the amount of program income received and program income disbursed appears correct at the grant level or at the level of the RLF Project or PI Account. Fin Rept05a shows grant level data on program income and Fin Rept 05d in the Reports module shows program income data for each Program Income Account.
    a) If the Program Income amounts received appear wrong, check the receipts to see if the amounts or dates for any need to be added or adjusted. Receipts are shown on Fin Rept05c in the Reports module.
    b) If the Program Income disbursed appears wrong, check the approval status and amounts of program income vouchers and determine if any need to be completed or adjusted. Program Income vouchers are shown on Fin Rept 02b in the Reports module.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Program Income - Receipts, RLFs, and PI Accounts