When does a DRGR user need a session reset? When does a user need a password reset?

Date Published: February 2015

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If a user has attempted to log in too many times with the wrong password, they will need a password reset. Users needing a password reset will likely see a message saying 'they have exceeded the number of log in attempts'. For password resets, call the main HUD help desk at 1-888-297-8689 and select Option 9. The help desk hours are 7am-8pm, Monday-Friday, Eastern Time. Be prepared to provide your DRGR PIN to the person you speak with. If you misplaced or forgot your PIN, please speak with your DRGR Grantee Administrator that requested your USER ID or your HUD Representative that approved your USER ID.

Users will need a session reset if they have let the system idle for extended periods and then try to log in again. Another scenario where a session reset may be necessary results from clicking out of the DRGR window without logging out in the left-hand menu first. If you are receiving an error message that says “User is still logged into system” after 30 minutes have passed, please contact DRGR_Help@hud.gov and request a session reset, you will need to provide your User Name and ID in the email request. 

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