Why won't DRGR let me create a Program Income Account? What do I do when I get the error message: “Program Income Account could not be created successfully. Total Receipt Amount Is Less Than the Drawdown Amount”?

Date Published: February 2015

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If a Responsible Organization is allowed to retain Program Income for use on any of their activities funded under the grant, the grantee should create a Program Income (PI) account for each of these organizations. Grantee users with draw rights can create these accounts in the Drawdown module by first selecting the organization and then selecting the activities that should be in the PI account.

View Add a Program Income Account Screen.

Since the Program Income receipts and use will be “walled off” from the remainder of the Program Income in the grant’s General Account or other Program Income Accounts, DRGR will not allow users to establish and save the PI account if there are more PI disbursements/draws than receipts for the activities associated with Program Income Account.

If corrections are needed to revise Program Income receipts, DRGR users can use Fin Rept05b to review receipts and draws of Program Income. Fin Rept05c shows individual receipts and Fin Rept05d shows financial data summarized by PI account. Fin Rept 05d will not show any information on the General Account which is applicable to all activities that have not been assigned to a PI account.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Program Income - Receipts, RLFs, and PI Accounts