As a HUD user, how can I see and work with grants in another office? / As a grantee user, how can I see and work with grants from another grantee?

Date Published: February 2015

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With DRGR Release 7.3, Grantee users can be associated with multiple Grantees with different roles for each, and HUD users can be associated with multiple field offices.

For HUD users, please have your HUD supervisor request that HUD DRGR administrators add a profile for another office. This function should allow OIG users that review programs over multiple field offices to see DRGR documents in each of these offices. When CPD staff participate in grant reviews in other field offices, profiles for temporary access can also be added by DRGR HQ Admin users.

State Grantees could allow access to local government grantees for state grants. There are also cases where contractors provide DRGR data entry on behalf of one or more Grantees. Contractors are prohibited from having Approval Draw and Grantee Administrator roles. Grantee users must send confirmation from supervisors from the new grantee profile to be added, and send the request through the HUD/CPD Contact that oversees the new grant/grantee.

View the Profile Selection screen

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