How does Program Income affect Available Balances?

Date Published: February 2015

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Activity budgets and obligations include but do not separately identify program income expected to be used (Grant Budgets do identify the estimated Program Income). This allows users to identify aggregate budgets and obligations so that they only have to distinguish between program funds and program income during the voucher/draw process. In this way, grantees should have to spend less time adjust activity budgets to accommodate program income.

PI Budgeting and PI Accounts will affect how funds are drawn. The graphic below describes some of the key rules for disbursing PI as related to Program funds (“PF”). Note that the General Account includes all PI that is receipted but not associate with a PI Account.

View Key Rules for Disbursing Program Income.

The following “math rules” for Program Funds demonstrate how DRGR calculates funds available for Draw based on the requirements above:

View Math Rules for Program Funds.

For Program Income draws, the following “math rules” apply:

View Math Rules for Program Income Draws.

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