How do I create a Program Income Account?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantees are now able to create Program Income (“PI”) accounts. PI Accounts allow a Grantee to identify activities under Subrecipient agreements and allow those Responsible Organizations to retain and use program income for the activities within the PI Account. Each PI Account will allow users to identify activities where receipts will be recorded and program income will be disbursed. PI accounts can include activities with multiple activity types. Any Activity that is not assigned to a PI Account will remain in the General PI Account for the grant program.

Program Income Account setup is performed in the Drawdown module by clicking the Add PI Account link.

View Add Program Income Account Screen.

To set up the PI Account, users will need to select the applicable grant, create a name for the PI Account and add Responsible Organizations and associated Activities. To complete the PI Account setup, click Save.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Program Income - Receipts, RLFs, and PI Accounts