How do HUD Users access DRGR checklists for Grant Closeout?

Date Published: February 2015

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With Release 7.8, CPD Reps can enter the checklists, provide comments and upload relevant documents during the closeout document review. CPD Reps have access to the Grant Closeout Checklistbutton on View Grant page for the Grants they are responsible for. Only CPD Reps of the Grant, Field Office Manager(s) and Super Users(s) are displayed the Grant Closeout Checklistbutton.

View a screenshot of the View Grant page with the “Grant Closeout Checklist” button displayed

On the selection of the “Grant Closeout Checklist” button, the Review Checklist page is displayed.

View a screenshot of the Review Checklist page

On selection of the “Submit For Approve” checkbox the CPD Rep notifies the appropriate Field Office Manager(s) and Super User(s) that the Review Checklist has been completed and is ready for their review. Once the CPD Rep submits for Approve then they cannot access the Checklist for edit.

On selecting the “Edit” link the review checklist is displayed where CPD Rep can provide answers and comments to the checklist questions. In the cases where there is no checklist, the user will not be displayed any section/questions but can still provide comments and upload documents.

View the location of the Review Checklist > Edit link that allows users to see user comment and answer fields

Field Office Manager(s) and Super User(s) can review checklist, provide approver comments and also upload relevant documents. On Field Office Manager(s) approval of the Review Checklist the system changes the status of the Grant to “Ready for Closeout” and notifies the Super User(s) via email that the Grant status has been modified. Field Office Manager(s) can access the page where they can approve the Review Checklist via the “Grant Closeout checklist” on the View Grant page.

Note: All users except public users have access to the “View Review Checklist” button, which will provide the user with view-only access to checklist answers, reviewer/approver comments and the uploaded documents.

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