How do I Associate Receipts? If a grantee allows Program Income (PI) to be retained by their subrecipients, but requires that a percentage be returned to them for general administration or other purposes, how is this recorded in DRGR?

Date Published: February 2015

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Grantees may Associate two or more PI Receipts for tracking purposes. This functionality is optional and is used for limited purposes in DRGR.

In general, Program Income (PI) is receipted against the activity that generated it. However, with DRGR Release 7.9, if a Grantee has reason to split a PI Receipt between two or more activities, which are in separate PI Accounts, the PI Receipt can be Associated.

For example: If a Subrecipient is allowed to retain all but 10% of PI generated (the 10% will be used for Grantee Admin), the following steps could be performed to Associate the PI Receipts:

  • Receipt 90% against the activity that generated the PI
  • Receipt 10% against the administration activity
  • “Associate” the two receipts to establish the relationship

These steps are performed by first selecting the Associate New button in the “Add/Edit Receipt” page.

Associate New Button

The Associate New button directs users to a Search/Select page to select the PI Receipts for Association. After using the check boxes to select the applicable PI Receipts for Association, click the Save Association button at the bottom of the screen.

Save Association

After users save the Association, the user will be directed back to the Edit Receipt page with the Associated Receipts displayed.

Edit Receipt Page

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