How do I create a Receipt?

Date Published: February 2015

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Prior to Release 7.3, Program Income was receipted in the QPR quarterly and drawn in the Drawdown Module. Similar to IDIS, Release 7.3 allowed Program Income receipts to be created in the Drawdown Module for individual PI transactions.

If the Grantee has set up Program Income Accounts, the Program Income received will be associated with the Program Income Account associated with an Activity.  If there are no PI Accounts or RLF, it will automatically apply to the General Account.

To Create a Receipt:

  • Select the grant
  • Create a Receipt Number (there is no required naming convention)
  • Select the Activity that generated this PI
  • Enter the Amount and the Date Receipted
  • The Comment Field is optional, but can be helpful to keep track of PI sources
  • Click Save Receipt

View How to Create a Receipt.

Tags: DRGR Drawdown - Program Income - Receipts, RLFs, and PI Accounts